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Organizational Background 2
Company Introduction 2
Interview Process & Pay 2
Description of Incidence 2
Discrimination in the Workplace 3
My Perceptions from this Incident 3
Career Motivation 7
Organizational Background
Company Introduction
After I graduated from my undergraduate career at the University, ,
I spent my gap year prior to joining the business program,
working at a semiconductor manufacturing factor known as Infineon
This was one of the company branches abroad, since Infineon
Technologies is a foreign company that specializes in the manufacturing of
semiconductor wafer chips that are used for computer devices such as iPhones and
Tesla cars.
Company Culture
The manufacturing factory setting involves a shift of about 12 hours a day,
three to four times a week biweekly. The morning shifts would go from 5:30 AM to
5:30 PM, while the evening shifts would go from 5:30 PM to 5:30 AM (in which I did
the morning shift for approximately seven months before having to leave to join the
program). Within this time frame, employees would be responsible for testing
and maintaining the quality of the semiconductor wafers, marking out the bad dye
panels of the wafer, and packaging the final products to be sent to the customers who
ordered them. Many different stations within the company are designated for each
task, with several people working together in each station. Some tasks required only
one person to fulfill, while other tasks required several others working together to
ensure the task was completed well. Each station relied on the other as well to move
along, since the semiconductor wafers had to undergo one procedure in one station
before moving onto the next station, all the way up to the completion of the entire
Interview Process & Pay
As with any other company, applicants are screened through an interview
process in which potential candidates are asked a series of questions that examine
their ability to do the job well. The pay was basic as well, which started at a range of
$12.50 an hour plus overtime as a temporary employee prior to being hired as a
permanent after a certain amount of time working for the company. During the hiring
process, we would undergo orientation for two days after being officially hired onto
the site, which would be followed by a week of training within the factory’s clean
rooms and getting ourselves acquainted with the work environment, as well as the
fellow employees we would be working with during our times at the site.
Since I only worked for the company for about seven months, however, I was
never hired on as a permanent employee and was satisfied with the pay I received,
which was enough for me to save up for my time in the program. With this being a
more labor-focused job and requiring only a high school diploma or equivalent, it was
a job that I would undertake just so I have a stream of income to save up for the
program and gain some experience, since at the time, I did not have a whole lot to
work with and wanted to expand on it in order to have something to work with prior
to entering the program.
Description of Incidence
Discrimination in the Workplace
Like any good company and workplace, the factory setting had quite a diverse
set of employees working within it, from different cultures to different years of
experience and age. Oftentimes, I would work with many fellow Filipino workers,
and since I identify myself culturally with them as a Filipino-American, I felt
welcomed, relatable, and right at home around them, both in the factory and in the
breakroom. With that being said, however, with such a diverse set of coworkers also
arrives the potential for problems that come with it, and in this case, it was the
potential for discriminatory behavior.
About a couple of months into my time at Infineon Technologies, I had a
coworker that I would always converse with both within the clean room and the break
room. At first, she seemed to be a reasonable and respectable employee, but I would
soon find out that that was not exactly the case. There have been several rumors
regarding this particular employee that I have heard of, but did not exactly buy into,
since I am the kind of person who does not partake heavily in gossip like many others
do. It was said that there have been instances where her behavior was so atrocious and
unbearable to deal with, that several individuals before me have quit. Though this
particular incident I am about to speak about did not directly affect me, it did affect
one of my other coworkers that she directed her inappropriate behavior towards.
During this time, this coworker in question was working within the same
station as the victim coworker that was targeted by her behavior. She would vent her
frustrations during break times in the break room about how the other coworker was
“slow and incompetent,” and that she would rather work anywhere else than to work
with him. Now though it is understandable that workplace conflicts like this occur,
especially when the job performance of one is affected by the lack of job effort from
the other person, but what she did next was not regarded as the most appropriate
method of dealing with it and, quite the contrary, is the opposite of how one should
deal with this particular situation.
Not only did she continue her rants about the other coworker in the break
room, but she brought her anger and frustrations into the clean room as well, throwing
tirade after tirade towards the coworker in which she was ranting about. She would
use racist and ageist language, calling the coworker such degrading and offensive
terms that ended up creating a hostile working environment for not only that
particular coworker in question, but for everyone else around the clean room that had
to hear everything.
Eventually, the coworker that was victim to the harassment of the other
coworker eventually reported to both the shift supervisor and the human resources
department of the treatment he was receiving from her, which eventually resorted to
job action being placed on her. In the middle of the shift, our shift supervisor called
the coworker in question over to the break room, in which he ultimately told her that
she was removed from her position and that she would have to leave the premises
immediately and indefinitely.
The shift supervisor came back to the clean room to brief all of us on what had
just occurred and the reason for his decision to ultimately let my coworker go, in
which he emphasized the values that the company had and what they choose to stick
by, which includes a safe and inclusive work environment, especially on the basis of
diversity and discrimination. He explained that there was no place in the work
environment for discriminatory and offensive language or behavior that may cause
anyone and everyone to feel uncomfortable and targeted by another.
My Perceptions from this Incident
This was perhaps one of the most shocking and eye-opening experiences I
have witnessed and dealt with in the workplace. As a graduated student from an
accredited and well-recognized university that emphasized and celebrated diversity
and inclusion, this came across as an incident I never thought I would witness and
experience first hand, let alone, within the workplace.
What was even more appalling to me was that this was a workplace that was
made up of mainly middle aged to older employees that have been in the workforce
for at least 20 years. I would expect much more maturity from individuals who have
their own families and have been around for a much longer time than I have. It was
apparent to me that, despite the age and experience that I would expect from an
individual, it is not always the case that they are as mature and respectable as I would
expect them to be. This plays a role on my part as well when perceiving an individual
just because of their age, and making prejudgements like this does not make me any
better of a person because of this. All in all, one does not need a master’s degree to
know that this kind of workplace discrimination is not only inappropriate, but also
harmful in any work setting for all who work there.
Career Motivation
Though this job was not ever intended to be a long-term position that I would
consider a career or career aspiration, working in such an environment and going
through that experience showed me what I want and do not want in a future aspiring
career. It taught me that not only the work hours and pay incentives are important to
me, but that I feel like I belong in the workplace that I thrive in. As good as it made
me feel to be surrounded by people that were culturally similar to me, I also wanted to
work for a company that emphasizes respect and inclusivity for its employees. Just as
it is illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity,
religion, and other factors, I would want that same standard to be expected of all
employees working in the workplace.
I personally felt as if my workplace took too long to actually do anything
about the incident between my two coworkers, especially with how apparent it was
that discrimination and harassment was even happening in the first place. I would
want to work for a company that would notice these incidences happening and take
action to end it right away. This way, I know that the company truly cares about me
and my fellow coworkers, sticking and living by their corporate values and ensuring a
safe, inclusive, and ethical workplace is being upheld.
Individual-Focused Career Management
This particular incident taught me one critical lesson, which was that I should
focus not only on getting a job that has good pay, but also a work-life balance and
culture that I feel I fit in well with. Ultimately, I value feeling appreciated and
understood, being judged based on my character and personality than my physical
arbitrary attributes. The right workplace will value my efforts and see me as more
than my culture, race, and ethnicity. The right workplace will foster an environment
where every employee feels safe and included, where workplace discrimination is
practically nonexistent and is supported by management.
Working at Infineon Technologies’ factory setting may not have been the ideal
dream job for someone who has graduated from a University with a Bachelor’s
Degree, but it was certainly a stepping stone for me as I gained more experience and
insight into an industry I had never considered before. It also showed me that I did not
have to be like the coworker in question who got fired for inappropriate and toxic
workplace discrimination, and that I could be better than that. Everywhere I go, I am
bound to meet people who are not the friendliest and can make my life more difficult,
but if there is one thing I can keep in mind, it is that I can do anything that I set my
mind to. Most people I worked with at the clean room could not really improve their
situation given their educational background, but I had opportunities like this
Program that can set me apart from others.
In conclusion, I learned that, should a situation arise that I am a victim of a
scenario that is identical to that of my two former coworkers, I should not accept or
tolerate such behavior towards me, and that if the company I work for values me
enough, that they take actionthe moment I speak up about it.
The Journal is a document whereby individuals use the course material to evaluate their own
experiences and observations in an organizational setting. I prefer the use of your own current
employment for the journals. It is not acceptable to use second- hand situations (e.g., spouse,
friend- of- a- friend). By the same token, events should not be excessively dated. The latter may
be open to negotiation.
The content of the journal entries must address the three criteria below.
Objective I: The paper must “describe” the situation or practice to which a concept will be
applied. Best are current as yet unresolved issues. Next best would be immediately recent events.
The rest of the paper will be dedicated to showing how violation of or adherence to the course
concepts created a particular experience or pattern of experiences. You will need to give a
narrative illustration of the event. Be sure to provide enough “hard facts” to give the reader a
picture. Be careful not to provide so much that you do not stay focused on your chosen topic, or
that one begins to get lost in the trees. But do not be so generic or ambiguous that one does not
feel familiar with the situation. “Sufficient data” typically means the use of people and specific
behaviors as illustration. Later sections will use the concept to analyze why the situation exists,
and possibly what went wrong.
Objective II: The paper must “explain” the situation or experience. I anticipate each class session
will provide two or more “key learnings.” These issues may be enlightened self-awareness, a
labeling of previous knowledge, a realization of the importance of a previous event, or something
completely new. You will identify the key learnings to be used for the journal. You should
reference the dates of the class; the discussion topics, exercises, or readings that you will be
utilizing; and the theoretical objectives of the topic. Advice here is to consider both class and
reading material.
You will apply the course to the selected incident. The objectives here are to demonstrate your
familiarity with the concepts in two ways. On the one hand you will show your learning through
your ability to present the concept, while showing your understanding of the concepts through
their application to the situation. The major emphasis here is on using the course material to
show why the situation occurred; how the material helps you understand how and why it
occurred, and how this reflection has enlightened your understanding of human resource
management. This objective is critical to your grade. Objective I above is the story/description
aspect of the paper, while this objective addresses the analysis aspect.
Objective III: In building on your prior analysis, the paper should extrapolate your learning
towards human resources improvement. Using your discussion up to this point, consider ways
you could embark on using the “key learnings” to better the situation and/or the organization.
You should also use this section to develop specific action plans to guide your improvement

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