The Video Game Controversies

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21 MAY, 2020

The Video Game Controversies

Through the advancements of technology, one of the most discussed topics is centered around video games. Modern days, we have increased the use of technology in so many ways, it’s growing so fast that members of society have increased their level of awareness of all of the potential threats. This allows individuals of the previous generation not to understand or argue the capabilities of the technologies of today. Thus, it will enable parents, teachers, and other individuals to completely shut out the idea of video games in a positive light. With certain parts of the world contending for the help of video games, others have disproved referring to different threats experienced by the youth upon the utilization of video games.

Video games have turned out to be extremely common, and a prevalent mode of entertainment throughout the world as more and more people are becoming acquitted to the trend. It has become so popular among people regardless of age, sex, and status. The video game consumer figure has shot-up tremendously. For instance, 9 out of 10 American kids and teenagers are involving themselves with one game or another. It has been revealed that video games consume much of the youth’s time in America with over two hours spent on the game alone. In the past half-century, video games have advanced from simple competitions played by several fanatics and into a luxuriously immersive world adored by billions of individuals throughout the world (Isabela Granic, 2014). The world of gaming has turned out into a sixty billion dollars annual investment. Video games flourish as a result of suitable commercial adverts, their ever availability in the market as well as their connection to other conventional gaming methods. Additionally, video games flourish as many users feel that they are quite entertaining.

The enjoyment in playing video games hinges on the usefulness of the game. This coaches the players to thrive while gaming. More astonishingly, there is a need for video games to coach players to thrive on a set of errands that are primarily very hard. Players would not like it if they kept on playing games which they have already conquered and they still would not wish to play games that they cannot maneuver. Most importantly, the game creator is required to make sure that players do not succeed, but the failure should not be overwhelming, and it should have a feeling of amusement.

The upgraded video games have shot up to integrate a lot of enjoyable activities familiar to ones who are concerned in studying. It begins with constructing an atmosphere that inspires the consumers to devote enough time to studying. A study has revealed that the more time used on duty means more studying and evidently, video games flourish at inspiring players to devote more time on the task (SaraProt, 2014). Another study has established that a standard user gladly uses about ten to fifteen hours in a week playing games. Similar to animals, human beings are programmed to execute the tasks with some outcome or which accomplishes a particular essential obligation. A behavioral study reveals that games are adept in giving a diversity of severe psychological conditions.

Some study reveals that when playing games, the brains discharge neurochemicals in plenty. Neurochemicals are also released when a hungry or thirsty person gets something to eat and drink. The amount of dopamine discharged when playing games and especially the electronic ones are similar to the one released when using leisure drugs (Adam Eichenbaum, 2014). Additionally, these are the same chemicals that are vital as they allow our brains flexibility to make it easier for studying.

Usually, people tend to think of playing video games as a way for players to be lazy, but on the contrary, this is not true. On the other hand, it contributes to a wide variety of cognitive abilities. A study has shown that spatial ability advancement acquired from playing salable video games, like the shooter video games are similar to the outcomes of the official curriculum meant at improving identical technique. Additionally, the study revealed that this current spatial proficiency could be taught with video games in a reasonably short time. Introduction to this kind of skills and games has created a group of kids and adolescents who are growing exposed to the digital world.

Video games are seemingly related extra to cognitive advantages which include improved creativity; a recent study has boldly revealed that by children playing video games whether violent or not increases their creativity as compared to use of other electronic gadgets like the computers and cell phones (Adam Eichenbaum, 2014). A new development in biology study gives a good picture of how a player’s excellent spatial and the abilities to deal with problems, and topped with their eventfulness gathered to resolve an actual global issue. Scholars in the year 2008 at the University of Washington made an online game which was known as Foldit (Bushman, 2009). They permitted the people to play the game, by the end of three weeks, the top players had created phase estimations which enabled the scholars to detect a prompt answer of the crystal configuration for a monkey virus connected to AIDS. The setup had dodged scholars for more than ten years but the creativity of gamers in the online game that had been set as a completion, looked like it was all that was required to resolve the subtle problem.

Kids who get applauded for their characters other than their determinations, tend to acquire an entity theory of cleverness, which upholds that intellect is an inborn quality, a trait that is permanent and cannot be upgraded. The duration of time spent on a particular game is capable of generating effects irrespective of the contents in the game (SaraProt, 2014). The duration of gameplay has been connected to poor academic outcomes, obesity in children as well as addiction. Children who indulge in violent games have been recorded to turn out quite hostile. Violent video gameplay is capable of soaring hostile cognitions as well as to conduct both in the present and a future situation. Studies have revealed that aggressive gameplay could be responsible for desensitization violence, reduced compassion, and decreased prosocial conduct. A short incident of violent video gameplay is capable of causing much more hostile minds and aggravating a probability of violent behavior.

Most of the games have a reward for tasks completed during play. Some games have rewards like improved score and increased social standing. These rewards become the reason most kids will play games. By being rewarded for completing tasks like killing in the game, the child feels even more motivated to achieve more. This triggers players to complete even more tasks, which means killing more to eliminate obstacles; this might make the kids more violent and develop motives to kill in the future for rewards. Killing more and more characters in the game means that the player is becoming acquitted to the events. It becomes a source of joy to eliminate each and every puzzle to win rewards. By doing so, the user becomes so used that they develop a sense of hardness whereby events like deaths are no longer scary to them. The process is popularly known as Desensitization (SaraProt, 2014).

This desensitization also happens for physiological responses to faulty materials. Playing aggressive video games intensifies physiological provocation through increased heart speed, skin conductance, and blood pressure. Nevertheless, after a frequent experience with aggressive video games, these physiological alterations could turn out reduced and could fail to occur again. Some research has revealed that violent gamers exhibit a fall in a specific brain wave allied with being harmfully affected by provocations (SaraProt, 2014). The decreased brain response is related to violent conduct, signifying a neurological foundation for physiological and sensitive desensitization allied with playing aggressive games (Bushman, 2009).

By playing a violent video game, one is capable of experiencing some physiological alterations in the body like aggravated heartbeats and skin conductance (Bushman, 2009). The physiological stimulation can impact on how the user understands slight and precise-feeling like anger to unconnected results. The understanding could lead the user to have the impression that the feeling is much serious since various emotional reactions stirred by the aggressive game is misunderstood to arousal. The process is capable of causing the user to behave more violently because of amplified provocation in instances where the player usually might not take action.

The topic of video games is becoming more and more discussed and studied without a clear outcome on whether the positives or the negatives surpass the other. Scholars and any other parties of interest fail to convince the other on which aspect stands out. The fact the gaming has turned out to be a big industry and practice has prompted and aggravated such debates and studies. Each scholar that is researching the negative or the positive of video games does their best to prove their side. From learning, teaching, health, physical, and psychological aspects, gaming has become involved. People are indulging in both the violent and the nonviolent gaming according to their preference.

Numerous studies have tried to show how games can be used in the learning process and how they make the learning aspect easier and interesting. The argument given is not without doubts, as other studies are trying to disprove the notion. They also claim that the more time spent in playing games, the more the academic performance dwindles.

The most demonized type of game is the violent video game which is being associated with numerous dangerous behaviors among the children. The violent video games have even been associated with crimes like the mass shootings in various schools within the United States of America. They have also been associated with antisocial behaviors among children who play them. Yet, some study has revealed that violent video games like shooter video games can improve cognitive skills whereby children develop a sense of being attentive. Video games have also been associated with improved creativeness among children, while others feel gaming makes kids lazy and inactive.

The debate of video games will continue to be controversial, but I think the judgment should be made depending on the type of game, as some are beneficial while others are disastrous. When it comes down to it, it is all about what the parent decides for their child Whatever their outlook is on the effectiveness of video games will determine whether that game can be purchased for that child. Everybody will always have a different perspective on this topic and that is allowed, but now you can get a point of view from another perspective and understand where each side is coming from.


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