Terms of use

1. Interpretation of the Terms

1.1 Agreement is pertinent to the following Conditions and Terms.

1.2 These Terms and Conditions apply to the company— Essaymine.com, a company whose main service stream is the provision of academic writing services to clients. 

1.3 The customer is in direct reference to any and all persons submitting academic orders to the company, and only those who are willing to follow all the Conditions and Terms described her without exception.

1.4 Messaging System refers to the software that enables uninterrupted communication from the Customer to the writer and vice versa, or with an agent from the Staff Team.

1.5 Order is pertinent to the request sent by the customer as well as the instructions and any number of sources required for the corresponding write-up.

1.6 The completion of the Order, as stated above, including the specifications and material offered, give rise to the Product.

1.7 When the Product deviates from the given order instructions and requirements, a Product Revision within the initial request may ensue.

.8 The Company Support Staff is the Company’s structural unit responsible for coordinating and assisting the Order process.

1.9 The Writer is within the employment of the company well capable of conducting research and writing in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

1.10 Personal Credit Balance directly refers to the customer’s personal account with the company, which can be used to store funds, and therefore, make payments with regards to the orders uploaded. 

1.11 Affiliate Program is in direct reference to a unique program that is meant for the existing Customers of the Company.

2. Registration and Placing Orders

2.1 Order placement can be completed by filling the order form or directly contacting the Support Team for assistance.

2.2 The limitations of the work, order requirements, and the terms of delivery are dictated in the order form. Ultimately, it is within the responsibility of the Client to offer accurate and specific details of the Order in question. Failure to do so means that the support staff will automatically fill out that info for him/her.

2.3 Placing an order requires the customer to input his/her name, country, email address, and phone number, and in case this personal information changes, the Client is expected to notify the Support Team of the necessary changes.

2.4 Only one profile is required in order to do business with the company and the creation of different profiles of the same individual is prohibited. The personal information input in the process of registration is the one used to create the profile. In the event that the same Client has multiple profiles, the company has the right to merge them into one.

3. Payment of orders

3.1 Payment of orders comes first, and processing the Order cannot be done up until that point. The order payment itself is in accordance with the pricing put in place by the company.

3.2 The Customer can provide payment in the form of installments when he/she requests so provided that the following terms are adhered to:

·     The order price should either be $500 or higher, and the initial part of the payment should be paid right after the Customer receives the first payment link. Writer delivery schedule is strictly tied to the payment schedule, which means the Customer will receive the part of the Product, which was covered by the payment. In order to receive the full paper, a complete payment for the Order should be provided by the Client. * Company representatives reserve the right to refuse a Customer in splitting the payment if such a step might comprise successful Order fulfillment. ** If the installments are not issued within a specified time frame, the company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the Order fulfillment until the due amount is received.

3.3 Payment can be completed through PayPal, Wire Transfer, Personal Credit Balance, and/or Credit Card.

3.4 The Company’s platform for all payments is PayPal, which requires the Client to go through PayPal check-out in Order to pay for the Order; payment via Credit Card requires the Customer to fill in a PayPal form. Such actions will not create a permanent PayPal account, but are required to proceed with a one-time or temporary transaction.

3.5 The Company is not to be held victim for any technical malfunctions or issues that may occur while the payment is processed by PayPal. These may include, but are not limited to:

·     payment falling under PayPal Review, which means the payment is not released until the investigation by PayPal is made.

·     payment being done via E-check (electronic check), which is an electronic version of a paper check used to make payments online. It can take up to 10 days for an E-check to get delivered.

·     Technical issues with the PayPal platform or Customer’s Bank. If the transaction fails, the Customer should check the balance on his/her card, online purchase restrictions, and card validity before contacting the Support Staff for assistance.

4. Discounts

4.1 Discounts are equally accessible to all clients. 

4.2 Discounts are only applicable for orders that are valued at $25 and over.

4.3 For discounts to be effectively applied, inputting the discount code in the respective field should be completed for the specific order placement. If the code is absent for a particular order, it should be understood that there is no discount completely.

4.4 The ‘First-time Discount’ is only applicable once.

4.5 Discounts are only applicable for singular orders alone. In other words, multiple discounts/offers are not applicable to the same Order.

5. Personal Credit Balance

5.1 This is a mode of payment for clients within the company’s system, and it can be activated by inputting any sum amount to the Client’s personal account. This can then be used for future order placements.

5.2 A single credit is equivalent to one USD.

5.3 Sending funds to the Personal Credit Balance is only within the power of the Client, and this amount is non-refundable. The only way to use it is to make future orders.

6. Order Process

6.1 Order Validation

The validation of orders should be done by the company to ascertain what was sent by the Client, including the instructions and the requirements, correlates with what has been produced by the writer. If a mismatch is found, the customer is contacted by the customer staff for everything to be ironed out.

6.2 Order capacity

The capacity of orders is checked with respect to the words per page. That is, 275 words for a double-spaced page and 550 words for a single-spaced page.

6.3 Altering Order details.

Changing the requirements of the Order is allowable through the customer support staff, and any alteration that either adds to the volume of the work, level of urgency or complexity qualifies as to attract additional charges.

6.4 Resources.

Resources pertaining to the Order should be sent before the Order is assigned to the writer. Failure to do so will warrant additional time to complete it.

6.5 Communication.

The Customer may contact his/her Writer via the Messaging System, which is available from the side of the Customer’s personal profile on the Website. The option is located in the particular Order page. The communication system is identical to using email with the exception that it is more secure. The Client is also free to contact the Support Staff through Online Chat, Email, or phone any time of day.

6.6 Tracking progress

It is possible for the Client to track the progress of Order from his personal account. In addition, he/she may receive updates from the writer and customer support through the same channels.

6.7 Delivery of orders

It is the ultimate responsibility of the company to make sure the final Product is delivered on time. In the event that the work needs additional time, the support team contacts the Client with that particular information. Upon completion, the Client can access the completed Order from his/her personal account. With that in mind, the Client should make sure that the work is retrieved/downloaded in a timely manner. As such, technical complications from the side of the Client is not something that is culpable to the company. The Company is held responsible for the delivery of the Product within the given deadline.

7. Revision of Orders

7.1 order revisions are only allowable within a 14 day period after the Order was delivered. Afterward, any revisions beyond that period are charged a certain amount, depending on the complexity of the Order.

7.2 The customer’s personal account has links for “Feedback form’ and ‘Any Improvements Required?’ which can be used to submit a Revision Request.

7.3 A Revision can only be accorded when the original instructions and the revision instruction correspond. In the event that these set of instructions do not correlate, additional funds will be requested.

7.4 The deadline to complete revisions cannot be less than what the original deadline called for.

8. Using the Final Product

8.1 The finished Product that is given by Essaymine.com is not fit for submission. It is meant to be used as a sample or a reference for the actual work. 

8.2 The Company strictly follows all Copyright laws. Any activity in opposition is the ultimate responsibility of the Client if Company’s Terms & Conditions are violated at his/her hands.

9. Affiliate program

9.1 The Affiliate program, which entails the receipt of Credit as a result of referring friends and acquaintances, is available, and more on this information can be found in the Client’s personal account.

10. Miscellaneous Provisions

10.1 The company’s Terms and Conditions that highlight the rights and obligations of both contract parties involved are clear and concise in this Agreement. This document, including its statements, promises, or inducements, are valid and binding. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement goes above and beyond all previous verbal or written communications and/or Agreements between the parties (the Client and the company).

10.2 The Customer is in acceptance that if a particular portion of the Terms and Conditions goes against any state law, the rest of the document remains unaffected. That means that the Customer’s rights and responsibilities will proceed to be in effect for the remaining terms of this Agreement.

10.3 In its interpretation and performance, the Agreement is governed by the laws of the location of the Company’s actual location of principal business, precisely Nairobi.

11. Limitation of Liability 

By accepting the above Terms and Conditions of this Agreement the Client confirms to release and not hold the Company or its employees, officers, shareholders, agents, representatives, directors, promotion, affiliates, advertising, subsidiaries, and fulfillment agencies, any third-party providers or sources of information or data and legal advisers responsible for any and all losses, claims, rights, damages, and actions of any kind, arising from or related to the products, including but not limited to:

(a) Electronic, telephone, hardware or software, network, Internet, email, or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties of any kind;

(b) failed, garbled, incomplete or delayed computer transmissions;

(c) Any condition caused by events beyond the control of the Company that might cause the Product to be corrupted, delayed or disrupted;

(d) Any damages or losses of any sort arising in connection with, or as a result of, utilizing the services;

(e) Any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the service.

12. Dissertation Services

Where dissertations are concerned, the Client is expected to offer the particular date of completion for it to be processed fully. Note that the end date cannot go beyond 8 months from the time the Order is placed. If submission by chapter is required, these specific due dates should be accorded. Also, submission of Chapter after chapter is required and not the entire document for easier processing.

14. Alterations

Clients are in Agreement that the Terms and Conditions can be modified by the company as it is now highlighted. In case of any modifications, the changes are always posted here, which then means that it is a strong requirement that the writers go through these terms as regularly as possible.

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