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NURSING SAMPLE COVER LETTERStudent Development & Career Services
Resurrection University

Sample Cover Letter
1431 N. Claremont Ave.● Chicago, IL 60622 ● 773-252-5133 ●

April 30, 2019

Dear Mr. Employer,

I am writing to express my interest in the Staff Nurse I position in Community
Health at Xavier Community Services. My clinical experience in a variety of settings
and my Bachelor of Science in Nursing make me an excellent candidate for your

Through my education at Resurrection University, I have been taught to focus on
various aspects of individual healthcare, including patient care, monitoring disease
progression, dispensing medication, and administering assessments.I became
enthusiastic about working in Community Health during my clinical rotation, where
I was able to see how nursing could integrate both technical and nurturing skills in
order to effectively treat patients.

Even after my rotation, I continued working with this population during my role
transition as a senior student nurse. I spent forty hours a week practicing
foundational nursing skills and techniques, such as prioritization of care and
communication, as well as compassion for patients and their families.

Through these experiences, I have learned to be a present listener who is patient,
empathetic, cooperative, nurturing and able to communicate effectively with
patients and peers as well as other healthcare professionals.

I am interested in this position, not only because I want to work in this setting, but
because I know I would make a great addition to Xavier Community Services. I
would be honored to have the opportunity to become a part of your team and
contribute my skills to your organization and patients. You may feel free to contact
me at or by phone at (773) 252.5133. Thank you for
your consideration and time in reviewing my application.


Sample Cover Letter

Commented [WE1]: Header format should be consistent
with your resume.
Commented [WE2]: Use business format including date,
specific addressee, and block paragraphs. Do not use bullet
points in cover letters.
Commented [WE3]: State specific addressee in salutation,
even if it means researching who will be reviewing the job
Commented [WE4]: State the position for which you are
applying. It is also beneficial to state any associated
requisition or job numbers, and where you saw the job
Commented [WE5]: Be specific in discussing experience,
degree and what makes you a good candidate. Include
relevant skills learned in school and what attracts you to the
position, experiences and goals.
Commented [WE6]: State how these experiences are
relevant to the position to which you are seeking and what
attracts you to the position.
Commented [WE7]: Elaborate on experiences and goals.
Commented [WE8]: Reiterate your interests, again being
specific. Be sure to thank them for their consideration and
time in reviewing your application. Add a closing statement,
such as you look forward to hearing from them and provide
contact information.
SAMPLE BSN RESUME Student Development & Career Services
Resurrection University

Sample Resume
1431 N. Claremont Ave.● Chicago, IL 60622 ● 773-252-5133 ●

 400+ hours of high-involvement clinical experiences as a student nurse in various settings
 Experience in accurately charting patient records via Electronic Medical Records (EMR) such as EPIC
 Trained to properly adhere to HIPAA protocol
 Organized and able to efficiently triage and manage multiple tasks as assigned
 Fluent in Tagalog and proven effectiveness in caring for diverse populations
 Exemplary clinical and academic performance recognized by faculty and preceptors

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Resurrection University, Chicago, IL, Anticipated Graduation, Dec. 2019
Dean’s List, Fall 2018

Associate of Applied Science, City Colleges, Chicago, IL, May 2017

NCLEX/RN Licensure, Expected Jan. 2020
Certified Nurse Assistant, Current
American Heart Association Basic Life Support, Current

2018 – Present
Medical-Surgical, Sacred Heart Hospital, Chicago, IL│ ER and Pediatrics, County General Hospital,
Chicago, IL │ Community Nursing, Cook County Health Department, Chicago, IL │ Telemetry, Mercy
West Medical Center, Des Plaines, IL
 Implemented treatment plans and patient care and gained experience in multi-tasking in a heavily utilized
trauma center
 Reviewed charts and physician orders; analyzed rhythm strips and lab values
 Cared for patient with ventilator and assisted with caring for patients with appendicitis and RSV
 Triaged ER patients and provided comfort to family members of severely ill and recently deceased patients
 Performed chest compressions during a code; collaborated with medical team to ensure patient’s stability
 Educated grade-school age patients about at-risk behaviors
 Achieved care objectives through communication with patients and families; Drew blood and placed heart
monitors on patients

Executive Assistant, Acme Corporation, Chicago, IL, 2014-2018
 Managed fast-paced corporate office utilizing results-oriented organizational and interpersonal skills

Community Nurse Volunteer, Cook County Health Department, Chicago, IL 2017-Present
Child Life Volunteer, Ronald McDonald Children’s Hospital Loyola, Maywood, IL2016

Resurrection University Student Nurse Association, Resurrection University, Chicago, IL 2018-19

Snow, J. (2018, January). The impact of staff morale on patient satisfaction. Poster session presented at System
Research Day, Resurrection University, Chicago, IL.

Commented [EW1]: Used a header that stands out.
Commented [EW2]: Used a Qualification Summary that
highlights unique skills and special qualifications, rather
than an objective.
Commented [EW3]: Used a bulleted list of
responsibilities throughout.
Commented [EW4]: Included Education toward the top
of the resume and honors
Commented [EW5]: Included CURRENT and relevant
Commented [EW6]: Included dates.
Commented [EW7]: Used proper hospital/organization
names throughout.
Commented [EW8]: Stated unit NOT course name
Commented [EW9]: Included location (City, State)
Commented [EW10]: Used action words throughout.
Commented [EW11]: Stated student clinical experience
in detail.
Commented [EW12]: Stated additional professional
Commented [EW13]: Stated extra-curricular
Commented [EW14]: Included research.
Commented [EW15]: If needs to add a second page, it
will be a FULL page, NOT a partial page.

When using a second page, use header and footer section
to insert a second page header that includes page #, last
name, and one form of contact.

Overall professional and relevant. Consistent formatting.
Good use of space. No misspellings. Did not state
references available upon request. DID NOT USE TABLE
P..t.~ ‘1\’2 Gratfng
Pu1’t~ and
Summary of
O uahh catio ns
S points
lac hula 1Um..e, telephone 1,
profe5sio-n~I addre5s. ALL
p age-(1) mm Ju~·e header wdb. na_me
a-ad page aumhu.
10 pcints
Stlf”.m:nary of Qualiftcatu.;~ are focu ~d.
mgf’ted, .w.d ccnc~ CV-~ ;:awn VC’fb’.)
m ffi.e: ~am~ k–U~
SatiJ:f .acct.o,y
3 polnts
:UiJ,smc .l – 2 o.f tbe
r~,quire-.DU! DU
5 point s:
Unu& fxtafy
0 p-~intfJ
M1Jf ne 3 Of m~r~ qf
r(:;ttUil{.>f{tt;Al l
0 point~
1 5
;·· , Unsatisfactory
‘b points ·
– kg}~
i —
~–=–= i – –
· .. I
Score ,, “c
Scor~ ·
10 points I
I ‘ ,, ‘li11 11 111
… .. I’ .• I ’11 ‘ ‘
Woik,Fxpe; ience ind~~.s job titles; lc>eatioi;isJ tis .• ,of
dutf,~s/ radcomplisF~1.1t~. I}xB~rien~e, _in :1::1~i!~1’.,I\
~esume paral!els pos.itton apehcant 1s:: a£p~yihg l1for. II
111,1 ‘II:
5, poiats
,jlH:.:J 1•• 1:1

11 Mis~in~1,r’J ·~ 2
.,·… 11,,;_,_,i!’-
0 points
Missing 3 or more
– I – –
l Criterion –
I – =- –
— – ~_ ~”= :I oc·· , ~core –
. I –
i –
I I J 10
.. __ –:_J –
. . i ‘
– ~· – !-· ··,
– = -=-=•c=-
I ,I . ii ‘li Iii ·::~!l’,l’ilt ‘·1::;1;, -•
‘r-+,,— -,—‘—-‘-“- –‘——-~–‘——— ——….J.. —– —- -1. =- ‘ =-…..i
‘i ‘,_ ·.·•. ·–·-+ ·1 I jr , •I
‘:i;; · L :11 1S<:!tisfa f tory,, \r I ,io points J OR 2 fu ll 2agef .Balanceq, white spa.<;e, go~d . font choices , plea.sing design; Single spaced; 1- inch margins.. ·:,i ,, 10 ~p6ints · ' . I l;•f- :5 iic:frnts ti' ' ' 1!.;'.Ii ~~ing' 1 - 2 r eqµ ir~m~nts , _ _J >I ‘ ,,
‘)! !;
Satisfactory ,,,,,
SJ Jo int s
pu n ctuation ., ,’B e2iii each ijullet i~rith an action v erb .
Ap;roved a ct ion , ~;orcl list pro..,icled . i\fo , , M issing f – 2
\J~i•~ ·” it • . _ l1j di’ ,i· • ‘ -, . -‘-
I• ,isp~,l~mg eri”drs . N o gi-ammfltlcal errors . \ \lord
” ,, … ,Proc es sing n .. 1ecl1anics are i)erfoct.
~!:i11• ‘ 1:, 1, ‘ii[‘ _ ii I
11 ,ljj
;-Jc :_
:.~ T , . .;;:,:- “‘”‘
. ~c”c’:,{ …•.. ,Ufisatistactory
·•F’., ~–.~-
I — -r ·- Missing 3-‘;£r more
r :~ eqo,iremeiii~
~ ” ~,;;:;_-

,· Uosatisfactory
. , I
0 p o ints–
M iss in~ more tha·n 3

I 10
Crite rion
– I 10
.. –
id C
t b t it
l etter
P a ragraph
Exemplary I Satisfactory
5 points 3 points
t -,
,,, I
The opening paragraph arouses the
interest of the employer by stating why
you are interested in the organization ,
names th e specific job applied for and
states where y ou heard of the job .
5 poi n ts
Tlie middle paragraph is neatly
w ritten and creates ·~ .. ,fl,i=sire fo1·
, ~n employer to kno,v,, mo1·e
about ,
‘1~. 11 ;’1,, h,
111; l I I,
VOU . Ii emphasizes the ‘ ” ‘I•
,. , • – • . • ,1wll!• •11· 11 ‘ ii I 1 111.’li. ;11•1 I, 111!:
”pomt~ng out acluevements iand • ,
I\, I ‘ l.11. ‘ I ·11:1 111,1.,,.,11·11 1, 1i11, :1’
quali:fications ,that ~n~et ,thie 1’jp,b
I ‘ I I, Iii i’•I ,ii
The opening paragraph is
poorly ,.vritten or is missing
one of the required elements:
why you are interested,
specific j ob, w here y ou heard
oft.he job .
3 po ints
The middle paragrnplh is
poorly v,rritten’ and does not
d:eate, a desire for the
emplo~fer to knov, more
1 11 abo’ut the student q,r doe,s, not
I’ . ‘I ‘
·em:phas1ze the resume .
1,11 , I. I I
I ‘
II\ ,I
1 11.1 1
I ‘ii
0 points
The opening paragraph is
poorly ,.vritten and is missing
more than one of t11e required
0 points
The middle paragraph is
poorly ,vritten and does not
make the employ er want to
meet the incli\·idhal ,
et’nphasize the resume and
does 11.ot refer to the job
I I –
‘ I I
I 5
/ 5
Paragra ph
Forma t
I· I

5 points I 1l!Ji11•111I: l’,1·1,ill,l1l1l1!1:l_11li1111, l,J_1,ill1 :, :3:[ AIOilhl ,s _11 ;1i111 ‘:
‘jl I ,1”11 ‘I ‘1 I J!·1″1:,, ‘I’ ‘ I ‘ 111·1· I ‘ : ·I 1,’ I’ ” 1’1′ ·!1’1 ‘I’ 11,ll i’ ” ·, ‘ .I’,,’ j.1 ‘1’ : ‘1I ‘ I I ‘· ·, I I ‘
. ,l:11~ 11 ‘ I I ” ‘ I•” I . !” I I I I’ ‘
The closing 1parayraph paves the way 1 ·The
closmg paragraph ,leav:e~
‘1, ‘J,i’11[
l1lll1I I I ” II 1111, ‘ :, I I I ‘I 1’11 ” ‘I I
for an interview[t>y 1offering to call in ‘1the l 111,1’1 I 1.l’tb.e ~mployer unsure ifth~ I I
1’111 111 11 I,, 111•11,l(I ” l·IJ’j’III I 11 [ ‘jlj’ 111
futu re.i1l’i1,I , ‘ 1
: .”‘ 111 1 , WP~ld like Ian ‘ , , ‘,: ,: 1 11 l[‘I I j.1 I,,’ I I ‘ 11’.111 1111 ‘1’1′! ‘ 1’ 11 ,11 ‘l dl I 11 11.11111,I i’1 I 1)iJ1 ‘1
1 I'[ 1’1 1 j, mterv1ew1orI oes jnot offer to’ I I I, I ‘ ,, i11111’1:1Wi’l’1’11’1 ·1,1:1II ‘ ‘ 1•,11 IJi1l’1l1, ‘ I ,;1,11111,1 / 11’,I I
j 1 , !11, ‘I, ,llljif~ \111~ 1V1~1~ture .l,l,J,j l}i1i’ .I I,
‘I ‘I’ ‘I ,I ‘I 1’ 11 ‘ I I I I ‘
11, I 11,I ‘I II 1l,1 I ! .;, I I I]
I I 1 .’i.11iil,
!i 11i’iif’ .;
,I, :I’ I 11, I I . ‘1,1,,,,I ‘” -. po,·n. ts I ,1 , 13 . , , .• ,1 t’ _ , ,pom s
1,il 11 I I . 1-1′ ,,,, ‘ I
•,., ‘
_, .1
1 ,
1i’ 11 r ,J
11ti:1 1 1
‘J , ‘-,,L·1′ i lr’ i I , I i
i’1,The letter
is organ ized. It includes ali · 1The letter is missing 11 of :
the req~ji ‘ed componll!nts in the corr~.~t
• ’11,,1t lhe:required ele~ ents or :.i’I
I ·I ‘ I
order with the correct spacing between the ‘ components are not in ,
~lement~\ the correct order. 1,1
5 ,, points
Sentences are flu ent and effective .
Very few erro rs in mecha ni cs ,
punctuation , and w ord usage .
5 points
3 points
Sentences are usually
controlled. There are minor
errors in mechanics,
punctuation, and w ord usage.
3 points
0 points
‘ . 1 There is no closing paragraph.
!·]ii ‘I l
! :j l
I .1
‘•I 111
0 points
There is no apparent
organization to the letter. It is
missing multipl e components.
0 points
Sentences are generally
adequate. There are lapses in
mechanics, punctuation., and
0 poin ts
/ 5
Level 3
8 0 po i nts 1T1inimum
“‘ -111!1” 26 po int s ,i n inimu rn
0 points
~,~ten~es are generally
adequate~ There are lapse:; in
,.·me~lianics. punctuation. and
Tu~’lene-;i s~~}~ifu~ ~ore-
thagi~ee,of tlif fo~atting
‘ requirements,
Level 1
0 poi nts min i mum
f ‘ – – I 5
I 80

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