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Describing the daily life
Students name: Ariadna Almeida
Students number: 23588257
Exam number: 351577
The daily routine is a fundamental thing that has become part of my norm. At times the daily routine may become monotonous due to monotony and repetition, which limits a person from researching and engaging in new ideas. It has become part of my everyday life to be an active researcher. I am constantly engaging with friends and pals to consult and exchange ideas to be knowledgeable. I have been for a long time been practicing new ways of writing and making good use of the vocabulary to be used in the wrong. This is a common trend used for description and illustration purposes (Walther, 2019). Description and the illustrations in our daily activities in schools, work, or home effectively teach or give explanations. Description in dwellings can be recipes and the normal routine work. Illustration can be present in many books found in homes, schools, and workplaces. Magazines, videogames, posters, and flyers can be found in the three places. There is a need to plan on the timing of the scheduling to avoid overlapping. My school schedule takes about 5 hours, my work schedule comprises about 4 hours, and homework takes about 4 hours a day. The school work takes a lot of time since it is interesting to research, and also going through the books and articles may also take long going through. The school work is never dull as each day I learn new things. In my daily schedule, I always apply strategies that are effective in time management (Walther, 2019). Among them include a strict avoidance or an urge to multitask. I have a personal timetable that I strictly follow. Another strategy is that I have learned to say things that deem not important.
At home, work, or school, the daily routines need to be in an organized manner and accordance with the principle, and the guidelines are given. The absence of focus when doing those routine jobs can lead to errors and incompetence. Describing or the description is a term that is used in attempts to explain and also give detailed information on a subject. Description captures the definition, the use, the application, merits, and demerits and may also capture the aspects of SWOT analysis (“Introduction: To describe a life,” 2019). Illustration, on the other hand, refers to the decorations, virtual explanation, or interpretation of the text, process, or concept. It is normally designed in a way that it will integrate the printing and the use of the digitally published media. Examples of the illustrations used in homes, work, or schools in our daily activities include flyers, posters, books, magazines, video games, animation, and others (“Introduction: To describe a life,” 2019). There is a dire need to separate school work, work, and homework to avoid a possible crash. It is also advisable to set time aside for recreation purposes to avoid mental straining and possible fatigue. Recreation is helpful in that it helps in keeping the body fit at all times and fresh.
Introduction: To describe a life. (2019).To Describe a Life: Notes from the Intersection of Art and Race Terror.
Walther,F. (2019). undefined.A Companion to Illustration, 305-329.
Work-Life Balance
Student`s Name: Ariadna Almeida
Id number: 23588257
Exam number: 351578

To successfully better performance in different settings, finding a balance in the numerous positions one operates is essential. A scholar frequently can have different roles such as spouse, employee, comrade, or classmate. Occasionally, these positions battle, thus a learner must be professional when performing duties and setting preferences. Getting an appropriate balance is good for optimal educational functioning (Kelliher et al., 2019). The reason is that a learner can continually concentrate on academics. This effort can boost academic performance because a soul can put in sufficient effort to attain an optimal theoretical career. In addition, finding an appropriate balance between home, work, and school supports exemplary fitness. Intellectual and physical soundness is key to my development, and it correspondingly echoes the general wellness of my family.
Hitting a balance enables me to conduct a relaxed and contented vitality, secures my blossoming as a person, and reserves my cerebral stability and tone. Balancing home, work, and school responsibilities can also enhance my productivity and routine. Focusing on my school, home, and work-life credit will help me tighten reliable skills for my comrades, service people, and family, which will raise delight. My name is Ariadna Almeida, and to attain a proper balance between my home, work, and school, I will apply the following approaches.
Planning Early
Mapping out my daytimes is a fantastic way to maintain myself organized and responsible. I frequently prepare a time for studies, work, and home chores. I remain willful about how I prefer to disburse my stint. When I feel incapable of completing responsibilities in time, the best process is to locate adequate resolutions (Chung et al., 2020).For instance, when I cannot redraft projects as intended, I push to accommodate them as a piece of my drive to a job or academy. In addition, when the week appears occupied, the solution is to schedule meal-prepping to maximize the moment the best track imaginable.
Staying on Program
To attain a balance between home, school, and work, I prepare interchanging programs to determine the most critical responsibilities. During this process, an individual assesses whether it will be more pleasing to maintain different home, work, and school programs, or will an everything-in sole site schedule keep them more orderly (Poulose et al., 2018). This rule enables me to remain efficient without interfering with the other responsibilities. Lingering on the timetable enhances solidity, decisiveness and supports the administration of other duties. In addition, abiding by the plan helps a person take back dominion, be more liberated, and achieve more success.
Building a Support Strategy
A permanent position and the academy can be exhausting, but supporting mates and family associates can reduce the burden on one`s shoulders. For me, Ariadna, I let my nearest associates know about the program and highlight how crucial it stands to adhere to it. Usually, motivation from my friend and associates helps me achieve the goals that I set. Additionally, improving family communication and settlement is paramount in these circumstances. I frequently negotiate home assignments established on my timetable and spare some moments to attend school assignments, including spending with relatives while executing house chores. My support plan helps me determine the duties to attend first and win an efficient support team to help complete such responsibilities (Chung et al., 2020). This plan enables me to assemble strategic determinations when designing and executing targeted activities to push development and victory.
Concentrating on My Goals
Sometimes an individual might feel devastated and moan deciding to work, serve home provisions and run to school concomitantly. That is the reason reminding oneself about the ultimate objectives will help most. Therefore, a person must remember their sacrifice will produce, whether their purpose is to balance works obligations or support the household while also studying for a grade (Poulose et al., 2018. I, Ariadna Almeida, maintain that I can become a heightened performer without being a formalist. Hence I strive to accomplish my best by understanding the key knowing my limitations.
Multitasking duties can be a thoroughly valuable aptitude if accomplished appropriately. Mixing career tasks, home assignments, and academy responsibility is not the most fashionable approach because it can result in mediocre consequences (Kelliher et al., 2019). Here, I scheme to maximize the period when there is a possibility to accomplish various duties once and for all. For instance, I write my school assignments, inspect my work commitments while preparing meals for my family. In addition, when on my way to work, I listen to audio studies or read homework when free at the office.
Setting Limits for Work, School, and Home Responsibilities
Keeping work home and institution life different from private life can help one attain the best outcomes, particularly if studying or working from the homestead. This statement suggests an individual should avoid reading when he is supposed to be laboring or allowing a job to interrupt quality home chores or institutional workouts. Establishing limits or boundaries arrives back to scheduling time virtually (Chung et al., 2020). For me, Ariadna, I manipulate my examination burden systematically and practice without hesitation when having duties that seem immediate. I additionally create reflection freedom to finish my projects on time and bypass disruptions. Boundaries allow me to convey my essentials and passions without suspicion of repercussions.
Requesting for Assistance when Required
When counterbalancing home responsibilities, work duties, and institution provisions, seeking assistance from family associates, school mates and colleagues at work is needed. I, Ariadna Almeida, interact with my associates, administrators, instructors, and counselors concerning what I have. For example, when attending a lesson, I occasionally request my coworkers to represent my position to avoid skipping responsibilities (Kelliher et al., 2019). While working, I likewise ask my schoolmates to deliver notice from the school board that I may have missed. This skill happens at our home, if attending to my assignments, I contact my family members to serve my chores.
Breaking the Programme Occasionally
Enclosing a vacation will make an individual more efficient in their daily duties. By ignoring breaks, a character risks steaming out and getting overly tired. It is my routine to break after finishing my school, home, and work responsibilities (Poulose et al., 2018). I occasionally go for leaves over the weekends to relax a bit.Having brief breaks enable to relieve or control anxiety, and they help preserve arrangement throughout the course.
In conclusion, a balance points to an equilibrium, where an individual effectively counterbalances employment, family or school, and personal life needs.A person who lacks a balance delivers more labor, institution, and home responsibilities. He functions for extended hours and lacks private moments to relax and refresh. It is a prerequisite to get a find a balance to avoid much tiredness that may hinder productivity. Work-life credit is an essential part of a healthy work environment because it helps relieve pressure and thwart burnout in the workstation.

Chung, H., & Van der Lippe, T. (2020). Flexible working, work–life balance, and gender equality: Introduction.Social Indicators Research,151(2), 365-381.
Kelliher, C., Richardson, J., & Boiarintseva, G. (2019). All of work? All of life? Reconceptualising work‐life balance for the 21st century.Human Resource Management Journal,29(2), 97- 112.
Poulose, S., & Sudarsan, N. (2018). Work life balance: A conceptual review.International Journal of Advances in Agriculture Sciences.

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