Unit 6 Discussion: Earned vs. Paid Media
Unit 6 Discussion: Earned vs. Paid Media
We want to hear your opinions so please try to post more than the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 3 times in this weekly conversations. Here’s a set of recommendations:
· Try to post your initial post on Monday or Tuesday (no later than Wednesday)
· Try to post at least 2 responses (absolute minimum requirement) to other students on separate days of the week
For example:
· 1 on Thursday
· 1 on Friday
However, if you are interested being eligible for top grades… please consider entering a total of 5 (or more) contributions to the weekly conversations on separate days of the week!
All this provides the rest of our group with additional time to respond in a thoughtful way and contribute meaningful insight to the conversations! We all have our individual perspectives so please share your personal experiences as they relate to the weekly conversation!
Marguerite should use the social media platforms viewed the most by the target customers of In Style Fashions age group. They appeal to younger age groups so using the latest and most up to date social media that appeal to the age group of 18 to 28, would be rcommended. They should place adds on these social media sites that direct people to their website, also using Facebook, Instagram and other social media to show cusomers in their clothes. These customers should reflect the target audience of In Style Fashions clothes and a type of lifestyle they appeal to. Finally using traditional advertising such as TV, magazines and online review sites to blanket their product to new customers who view general advertising every day.
Marquerite can maximize exposure of In Style Fashions products better by using social media sites and social influencers to reach out to potential customers. By using a figure who is socialy known and widely recognized by a large target audience they can gain customers who follow the figure on social media. They can show the famous person recommending their clothing and vouching for its quality. Combining the recomendations of their current customers on social media will bring more credibility to In Style Fashions products and increase brand awareness.
Hello Everyone
Marguerite should recommend YouTube to Instyle fashion because Instyle fashion wants to target the Gen Z aged between 18-22 and millennials aged 23-28. This company is trying to get in the swing of fashion because it fast business and this can attract Gen Z and the millennials. So Julio recruited Marguerite from Asos another brand that relies on earned media to head up this new initiative. He heard about the positive buzz from the fashion industry and Julio has gotten someone who is qualified to get this buzz of fashion pump up Instyle fashions. The younger generation is more attracted to YouTube than any other group and Instyle fashions will business in fashions will boom. Gen Z and the millennials will buzz like bees when fashions are available.
Marguerite and the team can utilize earned vs. paid media by using the earned media which is the larger consumer and the if she needs to purchase some things she and the team can do so. For example, maybe Instyle should need to advertise the can use paid media, sponsorship, banner ads, and social networks.
From a marketing perspective, the “Omni-social nature of the present (Appel, G. Jan 2020) environment suggests that virtually every part of a consumer’s decision-making process is prone to social media influences need, recognition might be activated when a consumer watches their favorite beauty influences trying a new product on youtube.
Appel, G, Grewal, L, & et. al. ( Jan. 2020). The future of social media in Marketing. Journal of Academy of Marketing Science. Vol. 48 issue 1, p 79- 95. 17p.
Meylan. C. (January 24th, 2018) Owned-Paid-Earned (OPE) Media.
· What social media platforms (owned media) should Marguerite recommend based on InStyle Fashion’s target audience?
Marguerite should recommend several owned media channels. Due to the more owned channels you have the better chance you have to extend the company’s Brand presence online. Such as an updated Company website,company blog, also the Brand should have the following pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. The disadvantage to owned media it may be time consuming but creates more business opportunities with more every click on the Brand’s pages.
· How would Marguerite’s team utilize earned vs paid media for the launch of the Premier brand?
Marguerite’s team should utilize both earned & paid media channels. paid media is built by the Brand.
Using paid media channels such as search engines, social networks, & sponsorships will help InStyle Fashion create their brand awareness & acquire new customers. The advantage to paid media is you scale quickly to Brands that best fit what you are looking for online.
Using earned media channels you can have customers write reviews to generate new customers This way the Brand hears what customers have to say about the products. Word of mouth is another good way to generate new customers. You can get influencers to wear InStyle Fashions& share their videos & photo’s with their followers. To create awareness & creates desire to buy InStyle Fashions. The negative thing about earned media is customers can write bad reviews about the products & their experience with customer support. This could help improve the products they purchase but also turn potential new customers away.
Unit 6 Discussion: How You See Me
Unit 6 Discussion: How You See Me
· Respond to at least two classmates’ posts.
This topic is a great way to show how we as people communicate with each other in our everyday lives, and can help us communicate better with someone who cones from a different background than yourself. Cultural and interpersonal communication intersect everyday with people around the world. Many times I have been in a situation at an occasion with complete strangers from different ethnicities and backgrounds, and I notice how most of the people tend to conversate or spark up a conversation with someone who is similar to themselves or someone who looks like them. This could be for many reasons I believe, I think some people’s perception of another person can lead them to think they would have nothing in common to talk about or could fear judgement from someone because of what they might perceive of them. It all stems from our different Cultural upbringing, take music for example hip hop and r&b comes from black americans and country music from white Americans and not to say one can’t do the other but when they do you tend to get different reactions because of the perception of what one’s culture is used to. There’s times when you got those people in which I call them people persons, who can get along with anybody, spark small talk with anybody and don’t judge people off of those Perceptions. I think if everyone in the world could think that way, we all could communicate better. I have always had identity problems growing up, my mother is black and my father is Indian and white, so I used to wonder how did people see me. Growing up I would always get that question what race are you, and it was a point in time I didn’t want to be bi-racial, but now as an adult I embrace my ethnicity especially my native side and being apart of a native tribe. I feel we are all human with differences and as long as you can come off as a nice and understanding person it will help everyone communicate better.
Discuss the intersection of culture and interpersonal
First, one of the more major distinguishing components of our relationships involving other people is how close we are to some people in our lives. Now that personal communication has two people involved, we must think of all the people that communicate with each other from a day-to-day standpoint. We must consider how close people are to each other for their relationship and what type of interaction these people may have with each other. We must think about how people interact with people out in public, or how they see someone that may not be the same race or culture as them, like going into a store or someone that greets them as they are walking into a store or how they interact with someone that likes them when they’re out in public or how they interact with people in a romantic relationship with all of this involved it will examine culture and people from other countries and the way we see each other and how it affects you and me and society how we see each other.
How does culture impact the way you communicate with individuals from diverse communities?
Culture will influence how we communicate verbally via the words, phrases, metaphors, and culture-specific slang between two or more people. It also affects what topics I deem appropriate for conversation based on cultural norms/values present within a social environment. Values often conflict when people of different cultures work together. Opportunities for misunderstanding are ripe. According to a Perfect Union, specific patterns of differences lead to cross-cultural communication difficulties:
What is the biggest contributing factor in your perception of cultural groups which differ from yours (family, upbringing, media)?
Culture is about understanding and respect for differences. There is indeed an impact when individuals identify the best of themselves and coexist with all the traits that each side has. Therefore, the contribution that can be. Left from these dynamics involves respect for differences relevant to individuals, groups, communities, regions, and ultimately, countries.
What steps can be? Taken to communicate more effectively and personally with these groups?
How do you effectively communicate with a group? The steps to take to communicate more effectively and personally? What are the five stages of effective communication? What are the steps to effective communication? Listening. Effective listening requires concentration, tolerance, and sensitivity. You are expressing yourself. First, you need to listen to yourself to know what you want to get across, interpret body language, be aware of your differences, and resolve conflict.

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