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Part 1: Presenting a Crisis Action Plan
Read the document, “Performance Task Scenario: Tuberculosis Outbreak,” and the supporting documents including:
· Communicable and Other Infectious Diseases Reportable in Massachusetts by Healthcare Providers
· Tuberculosis Outbreak Line List
· Demographic Characteristics of Worcester, MA
· Tuberculosis Epidemic Curve
You are a healthcare administrator at Worcester General Hospital (WGH). Create an18–21slide presentation, with presenter notes. The presentation will be shown to the board of directors of WGH. It should describe your proposed plan, step-by-step, for containing this potential tuberculosis (TB) outbreak in partnership with federal, state, and local entities, including the local health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Your slide presentation should:
· First, describe the healthcare system in El Salvador, where the patient originated before arrival in Massachusetts.
· Include information about health insurance coverage and payers of each country
· Data on the rate of insured; the healthcare delivery mechanism (public and private services, public and private funding sources, and requirements for individuals to pay for insurance) physician density
· Methods for healthcare provision in remote and underserved areas
· Vaccination requirements; and similar indicators used to measure health-system operations
· Explain how this system compares to the U.S. healthcare system
· Explain the connection between global health issues and local healthcare management, and which Millennium Development Goals and Healthy People 2030 Goals apply to this scenario.
· Explain how infectious diseases are identified and tracked, including an explanation of how the hospital and local health department (LHD) worked together to create the line list, and which locations in the community merit further investigation.
· Explainat least eightaction steps to manage this potential health threat. Describe the collaborative approach between the Massachusetts state and local health department and the hospital to investigate and contain the outbreak.
· Describeat least threeresponsibilities of the Massachusetts state and local health department in this specific outbreak scenario.
· Explain the role of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in responding to an outbreak like the one in the scenario.
· Explain the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in responding to an outbreak like the one in the scenario. Include a description ofat least threespecific programs or initiatives that illustrate the role of the WHO in public health.
Save this file asHE008_PartI_firstinitial_lastname(for example, HE008_PartI_J_Smith).
Part 2: Editorial: Medical Tourism
It has come to your attention that an international hospital aggressively recruits brain cancer patients in your local area. Their innovative treatment is approved in their country; however is considered experimental in your own country. Many patients in the late stages of brain cancer travel to their location as a last hope for a treatment that might stop the aggressive progression of their otherwise terminal illness.
Write a persuasive letter to an editor in your local community making a case for or against seeking this international medical care. Consider as many options for domestic and international treatment as possible, including traditional local treatment options as well as holistic or experimental treatments abroad. Be sure your letter addressesboththe local- and destination-country’s perspective on this issue. (1–2 pages)
Part 3: Culturally Competent Response
Develop a half-page, culturally competent script for a phone call to reach out to the contacts of infected persons that encourages them to get tested for tuberculosis (TB). In addition, submit an appendix to your script that explains which National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Healthcare (CLAS) Standards were applied and your rationale for selecting the cultural demographic upon which your script is based.
CLAS Standards can be found
Performance Task Scenario: Tuberculosis Outbreak
You are an administrator at Worcester General Hospital, in Worcester, Massachusetts, faced with an outbreak of tuberculosis (TB) in your community. It is your job to work with the local health department (LHD) to investigate, monitor, control, and contain the disease.
The index case, Rosa Cruz, is a recent undocumented immigrant to Worcester from El Salvador. When she and her family arrived in Worcester, they lived in a homeless shelter temporarily until they found permanent housing. She now works part time at a local daycare center and is a devout member of her church. She lives with her husband, three children, and four other members of her extended family.
A nurse who attends Mrs. Cruz’s church noticed that Mrs. Cruz was coughing a lot and had lost weight and advised her to seek testing and treatment. Not having health insurance, Mrs. Cruz went to the emergency room at Worcester General Hospital. The laboratory at Worcester General Hospital confirmed that Mrs. Cruz has active TB. In the days following Mrs. Cruz’s diagnosis, 13 other members of the community, including several members of her family, were also diagnosed with TB.
Demographic Characteristics of Worcester, MA
Data compiled from www.city-data.com and www.countyhealthrankings.org
Races in Worcester, MA
· White, not Hispanic: 59.4%
· Hispanic: 30.5%
· Black: 11.8%
· Asian: 6.1%
· Two or more races: 1.4%
· Other race: 0.4%
· American Indian: 0.2%
Foreign-born residents
· Worcester: 18.8% (6.6% Latin America, 3.9%Asia, 3.7%Europe, 3.1%Africa)
· Massachusetts: 15.0%
Percentage of residents living in poverty in Worcester: 23.3%
· White Non-Hispanic residents: 17.0%
· Black residents: 23.5%
· Hispanic or Latino residents: 43.1%
Median household income in 2012
· Worcester: $42,718
· Massachusetts: $62,859
Median resident age
· Worcester: 33.4 years
· Massachusetts: 42.8 years
Percentage of residents who have attained less than a high school degree
· Worcester: 16.2%
· Massachusetts: 10.8% as a whole
Percentage of residents under age 65 with health insurance:
· Worcester: 95%
· Massachusetts: 95%
Languages spoken at home:
· English (595,965)
· Spanish (42,730)
· French (13,305)


TB Cases Diagnosed by Date

















TB Cases Diagnosed by Date 42125 42126 42127 42128 42129 42130 42131 42132 0 2 3 4 5 6 6 7
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