Ellery 1 Anrique Ellery Professor Berrier CORE 110, G04

Ellery 1

Anrique Ellery

Professor Berrier

CORE 110, G04

My Origins

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to find an origins story when I’m one myself. When I get older and have kids of my own it will come to me more natural because now I’m still young and trying to grasp ahold of the things that have carved me. It’s hard to put these things into words because most are memories now and many things that have impacted me are gone but never forgotten. It could be the smell of peppermint that reminds me of my granny or seeing a cowboys to remind me of my uncle; It’s really crazy that one small thing can be with you forever and many don’t even realize these things will affect you but I do. Some of these is what drives to be the best person I can be to my friends and family and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a part of them in me.

My name is Anrique Gerard Ellery; born in Lebanon Kentucky on January 11, 1997. My parents are Richard Ellery and Ann Thomas. I was the youngest out of 2 sisters; my oldest sister Niya; I never got the chance to live with because she moved out when she was 15 so I wasn’t born yet. My parents split up when I was 3 because of my dad’s drug addiction. Being that young nobody tells you what’s going on because they know you would understand. Being that age the only thing I was worried about was cartoons and pancakes. We moved in with my grandparents in Springfield Kentucky where I attended Head-Start and later my mom found a boyfriend that later became her husband a couple years later. We moved to Danville Kentucky, with my mom and sister(Simone). At the time I hated it because this wasn’t our choice, we didn’t want to leave everyone we knew and live with a man we didn’t know at all. My second oldest sister Simone is 7 years older than me and was in high school when I was in elementary school so she would always walk me to school because my mom worked nights since before I was born that lead to her not being around much. So I needed a baby sitter which was my Granny Luddie (Dads Mother).

My favorite lady women in the world was my granny so every weekend I would get dropped off at her house because I didn’t like being in Danville because the kids I went to school with didn’t like me and I felt out of place. So I stayed in my hometown a lot, my mother’s parents lived down the street and family lived all of the place so if I did something bad you already know my granny would know about it. Before I got back home. She was a very religious women, she went to church on Wednesday and stayed late on Sundays to count the money. I could remember playing the drums until she got done and the smell of the peppermint in her car. She had 9 kids; 2 of my uncles died during before she did and one after she died. My uncle Sammy impacted is such a way that i couldn’t thank him enough, he taught me to smile and laugh no matter what. He knew he wasn’t living the right life but he would always make time for family and that was number 1. The first time I experiencing death was when my uncle’s house had burned down and he didn’t make it out in time. Probably the hardest I’ve cried in my life but my granny was there to handle it with me so seeing her reaction to losing another son and being so strong for the whole family impacted me in such a way that felt like I needed to be that person for my family; The Rock. My grandmother had breast cancer in early years and had it taken care of but it later came back when I was I middle. You know it’s a big transformation going from grade school to middle school and I’m starting to get friend and feel welcomed in my new home. When one day my granny sits me down to tell me the cancer has come back and she doesn’t have long but she said we have to be strong. That’s when my whole world came s=crashing down; now the rock of the family couldn’t be strong for us we had to be strong for her and it wasn’t right that this was happening to her. She always said God had a plan but why would he let you get sick; this is when my religious beliefs started to change and I started to question God. When my grandmother died of spinal cancer my family became really distant and i sunk into depression; I thought of not going to church with her and not hearing voice again and just thinking about all things I should have done to help but I didn’t. I blamed myself for something I had no control over it took its toll on my mind and body. In the mist of my depression; on my mother’s side of the family started dying every year and seemed like there was no hope or this thing was never going to stop. I started to fear death like I was going to die soon and not be able to live a full life. I just wasn’t the same person but my older sister sat down with me on a vacation, she could tell I wasn’t feeling right and she just let her feeling out about her child hood and I let out mines and it helped me in ways I cant even put into words. She showed me that death is a normal thing and it happens all the time and we can’t control it. So we have no choice but to be close and loving to the family and friends we still have with us. This is why I’m relaxed because I had to find peace with myself before I could move forward with life and after I did that I finally started living.

When I finally became a freshman I was overwhelmed at the people and different personalities and the cliques around school. I played football so I could be cool and fit in but I knew that really wasn’t for me in the long run. After my freshman year many people knew me and many disliked me; I couldn’t understand why but it hurt not being accepted by everyone. My sophomore year I feel into the wrong crowd and stopped playing sports, smoking, and making bad grades. This wasn’t like me at all and my mother working nights and not really playing the mother role because she had to be both parents because my dad wasn’t around and my step dad wasn’t a father figure to me because seeing him cheat on my mother and she go on everyday like she didn’t know what was going on when she did made me very angry. So I was just mad at the world for so many reasons when really i shouldn’t be; I was blaming other people for my actions and wasn’t taking the blame. When I was in middle school my sister moved out and fell into a bad crowd that got her arrested. I felt like why her she hasn’t done anything and after sitting back I thinking and writing her from jail it made me think of my actions. Is that really where I wanted to be if I keep doing the things I am doing; that’s when I stopped hanging with those people because they were never going to go anywhere in life but jail or dead and didn’t want end the same. So around my junior year of high school I started back sports and went hard in my classes to make up for the year before. I started back running track and playing basketball, also I started working my first job. My mom started coming to my games and talking to me more as a real mother would do, for once it felt like she cared about my school and my goals in life. At this point I’m starting to become the person I want to be; I had very successful year in track winning the state championship in the 300m hurdles and had risen my GPA to a 3.5. Going into summer I wanted to focus on things to move me forward so I started working another job for the City of Danville at the Water Filtration Plant. It was a summer job 5 days a week from 8am to 4pm so I had to learn how to manage my time wisely while starting 2-Aday practices for soccer and working at a restaurant at night. My mom ended up buying me my car because she saw that I was trying to better myself even though I had the choice not work if I didn’t want to. When school started I still managed to keep both jobs and b lack sports and I rose my GPA to a 3.7 while doing of this this. In my mind it was getting me ready for the future, sometimes I felt like the things that had happened to me in the past made me grow up faster and made me stronger. Even though my dad wasn’t there all the time I still knew he loved me and wish he could be with me so when he moved closer we started to get that connection back that had been lost over the years and till this day we are still working on it and all of his flaws and bad that he made doesn’t affect the way I perceive him. It actually taught me something that will take to the grave and that’s that you can’t let others get to you, you have to be happy because you want to not because of someone else. Also he taught me that world is so much bigger than you think so your possibilities are endless so I need to guide the way inside of follow. Summing up senior year Id been working hard in track and had made a name for my self being the defending state champion, when state came around I got a text that morning from my dad saying he couldn’t make it, im thinking my own dad couldn’t make it to my big day. So I was getting mad and realize that I was so selfish for thinking that because I know he is doing is up most best to make it but had to work I know that’s life I couldn’t be made. I just knew what I had to-do and that was go hard so I can show him the metal after i win so he could be proud. This track meet taught me a lot even though many probably don’t think it could but it did. After getting disqualified in my first race it taught me that stuff happens and you have a bad day but you can’t let that ruin everything just have to harder the next time. When it was time to defend my title I was ready and hungry for the 1st place that I deserved, but things happen and at the end of the race I cramped and fell over the last hurdle. Thinking in my head why me, things always go bad and I don’t know why but you can’t think like that you just have to get up and keep going. Knowing that and what I had to do I got up and crossed the finish line still placing first, the defending state champion of the 300m hurdles. Even though I could of broke a state record with my time if I didn’t fall but I’m glad I did fall because it wouldn’t had taught me such a great lesson that will be with me forever and it wouldn’t had lead me to this this great institution that my at now. So I believe that all things happens for a reason and this was destined.

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