Cookie Policy

Cookie Policies are a norm for websites that want to keep the needs of their clients and visitors in mind. It can also produce a potential privacy risk for that data can be used to track the online habits of those kinds of people.

But cookies and other technologies that accompany or function like them are useful, and therefore, quite important for us to keep serving you, our clients/students, in the best possible way so that you can get the best possible experience from us.

It is our recommendation that you read this cookie policy in its entirety, as well as the other set of documentation that affects you as the customer. The other set of documentation includes the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

By reading and taking the time to comprehend this cookie policy, you will understand the various cookies that are in use in our main website, our affiliate sites as well as the apps that are available under our company name. Not only that, but you will know how those bits of technology use your data for use to monitor your online behavior.

 We do not intend to alarm, only to inform so that we can instill the confidence and trust that we need to best serve you.

In case you still have questions, even after having completed these sets of documentation, you can always contact us at  so that we can put your mind at ease.

If you’re still unsure of what Cookies are …

These are small bits of files that are loaded on the various devices you use to connect to some websites with the sole aim of tracking what you do on them.

Almost all websites use cookies, and for some of those that have them, more often than not, there is a notification that usually pops up, letting you know of their presence and whether you want to agree or decline using them during the time you are on that site.

Those cookies track a whole bunch of activities while you are on the website, including the content you read and for how much time you spend doing a certain activity, among other things. This is so that when you come back to that website, you can view the most relevant content important only to you.

Various Cookies We Usesession Cookies: to collect aggregate data (where you go, what time you access the website, the amount of time you spend on each page, etc.)

User Consent to Cookies: to gauge whether our visitors have a good experience

Persistent Cookies: to allow you to have a better, if not easier, experience when you come back to the website (remain on the website).

First-party Cookies: just like persistent cookies, only that they are on your phone.

Third-Party Cookies: Cookies from other sources other than us but still on our website.

In addition to cookies, Web Beacons are also active to gather additional info concerning site visits. Note, however, that they do not collect any personal data.

In our website, as well as our affiliate sites, any new site visit always prompts the cookie notification, which allows the users to either proceed or decline the use of those cookies. 

Using Cookies is Helpful to Us

As stated earlier, the main reason as to why we use cookie technology is to allow us to better serve you as our customer.

With those cookies active on the website, any time you come back on the site, even after logging off, makes it easier for you to navigate through the content that is helpful to you. That means that you do not have to start navigating from scratch all over again.

Those cookies also enable us to better protect your private information by giving us the ability to track site movement and navigation at all times.

Rest assured that you can decline using these cookies, but that comes with a level of risk on its own. We, therefore, encourage you to use them and be at ease, knowing that we are not trying to get your private information.

With that in mind, you should be aware of our use of both first- and third-party cookies, which may collect personal data like your browser and IP address in order to market/advertise some products you may be interested in as a result of the data that has been collected through site navigation. 

Again, you are also allowed to decline the use of these cookies, but by doing so, it would be a failure to use the full capabilities of our website to your advantage.

 Having consented to the use of cookies at an earlier time and feel that you want to disable them, you can follow the outlined steps of doing so by browser as follows:



Internet Explorer

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