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Read the article and answer the questions.(10 pts.)

Dayton High School is celebrating its centenary this year. In this article, former students share their memories of their school years.

‘I just remember being completely terrified on my first day at Dayton High’ recalls former Head Girl, Julia Franks. ‘Everyone was so grown up and all the classrooms seemed so big but the teachers were all very kind and patient so we soon settled down and I look back over my years there with great affection.’

Leonie Brand, however, doesn’t share these warm memories. ‘From the moment I stepped through the door into my new classroom, I felt uncomfortable. It was a steep learning curve for me because my parents had educated me at home until I was 11. I don’t think I ever really fitted in so my parents decided to take me away after a term when they realised things weren’t improving.’

For academic children like Cora Dyson, the school was perfect. ‘The more homework, the better! That’s what I thought in those days. I was like a sponge and wanted to learn everything. No doubt everyone thought I was the teacher’s pet and maybe I was but I didn’t care.’

‘I don’t really remember that much about school except that we had to learn loads of poems by heart. Our English teacher was a great fan of 19th century literature and poetry so she would make us learn endless poems and then recite them in front of the class. I hated it because I could never remember all the words and she would invariably get annoyed with me,’ said Joe Sexton.

Clare Howard used to envy the girls who made everything look so easy. ‘I remember one girl in particular, Stella, who passed all her exams with flying colours. How did she do it I would ask myself. She had everything. She was pretty, popular, funny and intelligent while I had to study so hard to do well.’

‘It’s funny but when I was at school I was really bad at French grammar though I found it quite easy to pick up the slang when we went on a school trip to Paris,’ remembers Lucy Freeman. ‘I think it had something to do with the fact that our French teacher wasn’t very interesting so we didn’t pay attention in class.’

0 Who didn’t find exams easy? Clare Howard

1 Who was probably the favourite of her teachers? ____________

2 Who has a bad memory? ____________

3 Who found it hard to settle down? ____________

4 Who found it easier to learn outside the classroom? ____________

5 Who remembers her teachers as good people? ____________


1 Past Perfect Simple and Past Simple

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.(10 pts.)

I _______ (be) ill last night because I _______ (eat) something bad.

was ill last night because I had eaten something bad.

1 I _______ (be) annoyed with myself because I _______ (leave) my keys on the kitchen table.

2 We _______ (forget) Sam’s birthday so he _______ (be) quite upset.

3 When we _______ (arrive) at the theatre, the play _______ (already start).

4 Lucy _______ (remember) that she _______ (promise) to get tickets for the opera.

5 I _______ (not know) that you _______ (spend) so long in Africa.

2 uses of like

Correct the mistakes in the sentences.(10 pts.)

1 Do you like to go out this evening?

___________________________________ ?

2 What does Matt like? – He’s really friendly and very charming.

__________________________________ .

3 Dan look like George Clooney.

__________________________________ .

4 I don’t feel like to go to another art gallery.

__________________________________ .

5 We could watch a film later, if you’re like.

__________________________________ .

3 Complete the sentences with the, a or – (no article).(10 pts.)

Carla is ___ best tennis player in ___ country.

Carla is the best tennis player in the country.

1 Who’s ___ President of ___ France?

2 These are ___ trousers I bought at ___ weekend.

3 ___ River Thames is in ___ England.

4 ___ respect and ___ kindness are equally important in my opinion.

5 We had ___ fantastic holiday in ___ West Indies.

4 Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B.(10 pts.)


historical capital

1 barren a beach

2 sightseeing b rainforest

3 river c desert

4 tropical d holiday

5 snow-capped e travel

6 sandy f tour

7 dramatic g mountain

8 independent h landmark

9 famous i cruise

10 package j coastline

5 places to visit in a city

Choose the correct answer in italics.(10 pts.)

There’s a good shop / market with lots of different stalls near my house.

1 If I don’t take this book back to the library / bookshop today, I’ll have to pay a fine.

2 Let’s go to the pub / library and have a beer.

3 I’ve never stayed at a 5* hostel / hotel. Have you?

4 The town square / roundabout is a pedestrianised area where no cars are allowed.

5 One of my artist friends is having an exhibition of his paintings at the local museum / art gallery.

6 expressions with get

Complete the sentences with the correct form of get + a word from the box.(10 pts.)

dark directions home hungry lost married

Shall we have something to eat? I’m starting ____________.

Shall we have something to eat? I’m starting to get hungry.

1 We didn’t have a map with us so we ____________ .

2 Rebecca and Simon are thinking of ____________ in the summer.

3 I love travelling but I always enjoy ____________ to my own bed.

4 We can ____________ to the hotel off the internet so don’t panic.

5 I’ll have to put the lights on soon as it ____________ .I can’t believe it’s only 4 o’clock.

How to …

9 describe a memorable photo

Complete the text using the correct form of the verbs in the box.(10 pts.)

have see show stay stumble take

This photo shows one of my favourite places. I (1) _______ the photo last year when we were on holiday in Prague. In the background you can (2) _______ the castle and the old town. I (3) _______ with friends when I (4) _______ upon a small street just by the river. I must say we (5) _______ a really amazing time that day.


Choose ONE of the following tasks and write about it.(20 pts.)

1.Write an essay on the following topic: ‘Money can buy you happiness.’ Write 120 – 150 words. Include the following:


*main points (firstly, secondly etc.)


2. Decsribe a place of your choice. Mention its;

* features * festivals *food

* people there * traditions * additional information

3. Describe a hobby or an activity of your choice. Mention about it by describing how to play or do step by step.

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