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Body image is all about people’s judgment about their bodies. The way people sees themselves matters about their body image. It is all about how they want to see themselves. People under many circumstances compare themselves with other people. They want to know if there looks is better off like how others look like. Therefore throughout our lifetime people tent to criticize the way other people appear. This and more makes people be more concerned about their appearance. Body image is actually made up of three things. The first one is how you see yourself. The way you see yourself matters a lot a lot in terms of how your body image should be. Another point is how you feel you ought to look. Many people have different ways on t6he way they feel they should look like. They therefore take some actions to build their body image to fit them. The last concern that leads to body image is how you wish to be seen. This concern has created so much impact in body image. People want so much to compare themselves with others .Then they tend to really adjust on how they actually want to like.

In order to build a well body image, people should stop comparing themselves with others. This factor can lead to some actions taken on the bodies that are unhealthy. Hans Johan’s (2006) found “Body Image Ana Perceived Health In Adolescence” is based on self-care.

When people want to change their body image, they should actually focus on what they can change and forget on what they can’t. They should also practice self care as appoint of concern. This should be their major priority as far as body image is concerned. They should also avoid some unnecessary conversation about their appearance. This can create a negative people to especially teenagers.

Body image and need of change is actually noticed during adolescents mostly. This is a point where many teenagers see the point of dissatisfaction on themselves. Ehen a person’s notices about his body image, they are compelled to take necessary changes to satisfy themselves. They first tend to think about weight. This makes them think on the ways they can use to lose their body weight. This is because people who don’t like their bodies’ tent to think that they are actually unhealthy. This makes them take some immediate actions to their bodies to satisfy themselves. Those who feel they are overweight tend to look for the available ways to reduce their weight. They look far possible solution of losing weight. On the other hand those who have normal weight want to be smaller. Age is also is factor of concern. Most people want to change their body image at certain ages. Circumstances force them to change their looks. The actions they actually take to improve their looks might be hazardous to them. This leads to body dissatisfaction. They want to look mature and actually careless about the outcomes.

The cause of some of this body image is sometimes brought from body disorder. The lifestyles of people with what they consume are another point of concern. According to Voelker (2015) “Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics, Dove

Medical Press,” people eat what can bring effects to their bodies. After consuming that is when they know realize that they feel dissatisfied about their bodies. They then look for the solutions to such disorders. This change actually leads to health problems. People in most cases are never comfortable on how they look. They therefore try to adjust and change their looks resulting to dangerous health effects. This people don’t want to care about the negative effects that will be created. There major concern is how they can change their looks at the end of it. The way people focus on their looks and treatments can lead to mental problems. This is majorly seen as a result of body culture. Therefore people should make sure that they eat responsibly. What they consume should be a point of concern.

Body image is also seen as a result of the internet. The groups that are mostly affected are the teenagers aged around the age of 19. These particular kind of group are mostly obsessed by social media. Some of these social media platforms have been overtaken mostly by celebrities. These celebrities don’t actually care about how they are. The just post pictures of their looks. The effect created will be on this type of teenage girls. They tent to see the images posted by those celebrities and exactly want to copy them.

This results in actions taken by these teenage girls to treat themselves so as to appear like them. They therefore become more obsessed on their bodies on internet. This is according to Wagner “Body image in Young Adult Women”.

In the past people thought being thin was the best body look ever. This with time was disapproved. They then thought of being fit. They had to apply some treatments to make themselves fit. After sometimes, the trend again had to change. They now think of being extremely thick is the best shape to have. They think they should actually posses a big butt and have small waist. This trend has created the effect of body image. Many of the people especially women struggle to posses such images. They therefore apply treatments to posses such appearances so as to fit the trend.

Social media is another point of concern. It has really changed the women look. A lot of celebrities have taken over these platforms. This means they actually have to post lots of their images. The remaining generation tent to fit to the same trend. There has been the use of instagram as a major social media platform. A lot of peoples look are found in this platforms. People post pictures of the selfies they take. This selfies focuses mostly on the way their faces appear. They communicate the looks of emotions on someone’s face. This has made these women to take more of their selfies and end posting a lot of these pictures in social media. This kind of obsession has unhealthy effect. This is because most of these celebrities are being followed by people on their platforms. They actually act as role models.

There is also this issue of Hollywood where people show some unrealistic images of themselves. The appearance can seem to be skinny. This is well explained in the article “Body Image Of Women….Depression, Eating Disorders, Self esteem” (p.132).This on the other side makes people to appear exactly that way. They change themselves and apply so many treatments to actually change their body image to look like them. This ways has really attracted the weight loss industry. They tend to prepare products that act as treatment to how someone wants to look like. They have come with various products that support weight loss.

The issue of self esteem is actually what most people should focus. It is an important factor that people should take it as a point of concern. How self esteem talk with someone makes them live healthy lives. The article on “Self esteem and Body Image, Center For Youn Women’s Health” (2012) found that talking care of the body is actually important than the body looks. People should priorities on the care they accord the body than their image outlook. The issue of body can be both mental and emotional. Self esteem majorly is all about how people value themselves. The way you value yourself will depend on how you want you look to be. It is the mental picture that a person has about their body and they body they have will great a desire when look at themselves. The issue of self esteem can be very much powerful in teenage years even though is it is a perfect lived life to have some negative thoughts. Finding a way to be positive is very much important and this can be achieved on the way you value yourself. This is because self esteem is actually the way people value themselves.

If you really value yourself then you have to take responsible measures about your look. Low esteem can lead to dangerous act like eating disorder. If the way you eat is not in accordance to the best way then it can lead to unhealthy life. It can also lead to early sexual activities, the use of drugs and even some thoughts on the way to commit suicide. This has a very vital role on the body image.

People have actually to set their own goals on how they want to look. Then they have to make responsive and healthy behaviors to be how they want to look like. Self esteem actually is all about how much you feel you worth. Your worth matters as it shows how you want other people to vale you. If you want to gain favor on people’s eyes then the focus should be on building yourself the right way. The esteem plays a very crucial role because when you feel good about yourself affect your mental health and actually you behavior. Those people with high self esteem actually tend to know themselves well. They feel good about themselves and therefore their body image is not actually a point of concern. Their main concern is the care they accord their bodies

In conclusion, body image actually comes from positive thoughts. This positive thought is all about being in possession of high self esteem. How you feel your worth has impact on your lifestyle. The concern will be majorly in body care and not body image. The connection between you eating habits also matters as far the body image is concerned. People should take actions on improving their body care.


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