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ARTS 1A: Discussion 9

Hung Liu Mu Nu (Mother and Daughter), 1997 Oil on Canvas

A method ofinterpretation of imagery which relies on Women’s Studies asks us to consider the
experiences of women.

Hung Liu’s Mu Nu (Mother and Daughter) depicts two women pulling a boat with a rope tied
around their bodies.

Consider either of the following questions in your discussion post this week:

1. Hung Liu reserves the brightest colors for the environment while the women are depicted
in grays and browns. How does her decision to use or withhold color in these ways
shape your experience of this image?

2. Hung Liu chooses a natural style to depict the forms in the foreground but her approach
to the background is more abstract. Why do you think she made this shift in style?


ARTS 1A: Group Analysis 9

Judith Leyster The Proposition, 1631 Oil on canvas

A poem from Houwelyck (Marriage), by Dutch poet Jacob Cats, published in 1625:

The man must be on the street to practice his trade,
The wife must stay at home to be in the kitchen.
The diligent practice of street wisdom may in the man be praised,
But with the delicate wife, there should be quiet and steady ways.
So you, industrious husband, go to earn your living
While you, O young wife, attend to your household.

Explanatory note: This poem by Jacob Cats is about gender roles of married women and
men in The Netherlands in the seventeenth century. In the painting by Judith Leyster
(pictured above), the man and the woman are not married to each other.

The poem is not a description of the painting. The painting is not an illustration of the

Question: The poem is about marriage. The painting depicts two people who are
not married. But in what ways do both the poem and the painting reflect gender
roles in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century?

* * *

This exercise will combine some brainstorm session alongside practice with the tests of evidence. It is divided into two parts
Part 1 – Initial Post (5 points) – Due Wednesday
At a bare minimum, you should post your policy paper framework here. If you have a working draft of the paper, please include it as an attachment. Additionally, please respond to the following points:
Why the topic matters to you and/or your perceived audience
What has already been done to attempt solving the problem? Why do you feel it’s inadequate?
Any particular area you’re struggling with (such as broadening or narrowing the scope of the topic)
Essay #4 – Policy Issue (2000-2500 words)
Your 4th essay on this class focuses on persuading your audience why a specific course of action that should be taken on a significant issue within society or their communities. You may opt to use either of the topics of audiences you used in Essay #2 and #3, or take it in an entirely direction. Ultimately, you will be advocating for a specific, well-reasoned, feasible, and actionable solution (or solutions).
Ultimately This assignment will incorporate components from your previous essays, namely:
Essay #1:Being able to incorporate a personal narrative
Essay #2:Advocating for a socially significant topic; utilizing audience-centered writing; incorporation of rhetorical appeals
Essay #3:Discerning the quality of evidence & underlying warrants; summarizing key points from a source
Now, that might seem daunting, but try not to stress! While components of this essay are cumulative, these are skills you’ve been building all quarter! Furthermore, it’s a type of problem-solution assignment that many of you are likely familiar with and also will likely use outside of this class: Whether it’s arguing for a change to happen in your community (changing of HOA bylaws; building of a new park or building), your college (increased support for mental health services or more sections of classes), or even your workplace (funding for a project; opening a new position to expand your team; taking on a new initiative).
Below are the content areas that this assignment focuses on:
Problem Description:Indicate the issue and problems linked to it, in explicit detail (i.e. define the status quo and harms surrounding the issue)
Personal Impact:Indicate your personal stake in or connection to the issue (how is this, or has this affected you or people close to you?)
Audience Impact:Make a case for why your peers should care about this topic:How it affects them, someone close to them, or some aspect of society they should care about
Solution Description:Present your solution (or solutions) to the problem. This should include your mandate (what will happen); agency (parties that will carry out the solution); cost (resources needed) and oversight (who makes sure your solution works?)
Solution Analysis:Describe how your solution (or set of solutions) is feasible (how realistic is it to accomplish; what are the limitations). In addition, the distinct advantages and disadvantages should be included:Remember — no solution is perfect.
In addition to the above, it is required all claims you make are supported with documented, valid evidence (a minimum of 8 sources is required — more is better). Additionally, I will be evaluating your essay for sound argumentation principles: i.e. does the evidence connect sensibly to the claims (warrants; reasoning); are major fallacies avoided in creating the argument.
As always, I’ll be evaluating the following technical areas — if you’ve made it this far, though, these should come easily!
In addition to the content, I will be assessing the following technical areas regarding formatting:
Word Count:The essay should be a minimum of 2000 words (references and title page are not included in this count). That said, don’t stress if you go slightly under or over (but if you’re approaching, say, 3000 words, maaaaybe trim it a bit).
In-Text Citations:A minimum of 8 which follow APA formatting (it’s common for people to use 10-12 on this essay).
Reference Page:Include this as a separate page which also follows APA formatting.
General APA Formatting:A title page, utilizing double spacing throughout, and including page numbers.
The popular vote
Status quo:
The United States elects an American president every four years using the electoral college, a tradition that has been repeated since the beginning of the nation. The system of electoral college gives each state a “proportionate” amount of votes based on their population. Since the electoral college is not equivalent to the popular vote, certain state’s votes do not matter as much compared to others. Causing a minority of people to make wide sweeping decisions for the nation.
A social movement pushed strongly by politicians and political organizations to support the process of changing the electoral process to result in the popular vote electing the nation’s president. The process of amending the constitution is very unlikely, thus the National Popular Vote (NPV) plan is the most probable of succeeding. Informing society of the importance of fair elections and how all other social movements rely on good representatives, can potentially create a social movement to pressure representatives to pass the compact.
Plan in action/ Benefits:
Overall using the popular vote, everyone’s vote will be worth the same amount, the process of election will be simpler and cheaper, and create the most satisfied results for the majority of voters.
part 1: If people want government support with social issues that the majority of people agree with it is important to support a presidential election that is based on popular vote. There is already a NPV compact that is close to reaching its majority votes to past and change the national election. Not all the votes needed are reached and that is what I believe is still inadequate.
Im struggling with understanding if what I am proposing a good enough plan.
I am writing my essay on the need for stricter gun control laws in the United States. The amount of shootings that have happened in the year of 2022 is unacceptable, and with the Uvalde mass shooting killing innocent children and teachers, there needs to be change. This topic matters to anyone who lives in America because without a change in gun laws there will just be more terrible shootings and more lives lost.
In current breaking news, the House passed the gun control legislation that was brought forth after the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings. This package includes raising the gun purchasing age from 18 to 21, as well as banning the purchasing of high capacity magazines. Along with that, they want to tighten laws of the storage of firearms for residentsand create more criminal penalties for those who break gun laws. In order for these to pass as laws, Senate needs to pass them which will be difficult due to members believing this to be unnecessary and unconstitutional. What is being done is a start, but it does not fix the gun problem in the U.S. No matter the law, there will still be illegal trafficking of guns, minors purchasing, and shootings. The laws need to be passed and need to be acted on immediately in order to ensure safety countrywide.
For my paper I plan on talking about gun control and it’s affect on America in past 5 years. If you have suggestions of any groundbreaking gun law changes that have happened in the past 5 years, please let me know.

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