1. The typical outline development is:

1. The typical outline development is:

a. keyword, complete, topical, speaking.

b. rough draft, complete, speaking.

c. rough, complete, exemplar, speaking.

d. topical, rough, complete sentence.

e. rough draft, topical, key word, complete.

2. The specific purpose should be clear:

a. before the general purpose.

b. after the central idea.

c. after the introduction.

d. before the main body.

e. after the orientation.

3. Main points are:

a. of equal importance.

b. indicated by symbols.

c. worded as key phrases.

d. farthest to the right.

e. a and c.

4. Main points should be:

a. subdivisions.

b. worded in complete sentences.

c. contribute to central idea.

d. ordered logically.

e. b, c, and d above.

5. A complete sentence outline is one in which:

a. all subpoints must be complete sentences.

b. it is in manuscript form.

c. all main and first level subpoints are complete sentences.

d. only main points are written as complete sentences.

6. Outline symbolization usually means that:

a. Roman numerals mark main points

b. Roman numerals mark minor subpoints

c. different speakers mark points differently

d. all speeches have three main points

7. A speech with a thesis statement of “There are four main ways to tie a tie” will have:

a. an undetermined number of main points

b. four main points

c. a persuasive purpose

d. a powerpoint presentation

8. A speech with a specific purpose of “To inform the class about handedness theories and problems will definitely :

a. have a general purpose of “To inform”

b. be researched well

c. have only two main points

d. all of the above

9. If one has a good speaking outline, he/she will:

a. have less research to do in preparing the speech

b. turn that in as the preparation outline as well

c. be able to use that to speak extemporaneously

d. not have personal delivery cues on it

10. Fill in the outline shown using the points that follow.

The Importance of Archives


THESIS: Archives serve an important function in protecting our rights, preserving history, educating and entertaining.

I. __________________________________________________________________________

A. ___________________________________________________________________

B. ___________________________________________________________________


A. ___________________________________________________________________

B. ___________________________________________________________________

III. _________________________________________________________________________

A. __________________________________________________________________

1. ________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________

B. ___________________________________________________________________

1. ________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________

Deeds determine our right to property.

Archives educate and entertain.

Gone with the Wind.

Architectural documents assist reconstruction.

Archives help us preserve historical buildings in their reconstruction.

Archival photos assist reconstruction.

Novelists use archives for detail.

South Pacific

Archives protect our rights.

Movie producers use archives to authenticate their work.



Birth records determine our rights to social benefits.

Wills determine our right to inherit.

11. What is wrong with this complete sentence outline?

Topic: Handedness and personality

General Purpose: To inform

Central Idea: Left-handedness

Specific Purpose: To convince the class that left-handed people are normal.


A. Joke about lefties


A. The southpaws

1. Historic lefties

B. Help is increasing every day.


I. Be comforted that disadvantages are being reduced and society is trying to help.

II. Thank you.









12. Four ways of delivering a speech are:

1. _________,

2. _________,

3. __________,

4. ___________.

13. Briefly define: (a) rate; (b) volume; (c) pitch; and (d) vocal variety.

a. Rate

b. Volume

c. Pitch

d. Vocal Variety

14. Explain the difference between articulation and pronunciation.

15. The most used and best liked way of delivering a talk in a speech class is:

a. by memorization.

b. by impromptu delivery.

c. by speaking extemporaneously.

d. by reading from a manuscript.

e. by speaking a eulogy.

16. Extemporaneous speaking consists of:

a. speaking after careful preparation.

b. speaking on the spur of the moment.

c. memorizing the speech.

d. reading from well-written notes.

17. Our nonverbals tend to:

a. be isolated.

b. be situation free.

c. affect our relationships.

d. all of the above.

18. Which of the following characterize nonverbal communication?

a. Our nonverbals usually function in isolation.

b. Much of nonverbal is false or non-communicative.

c. Our nonverbals are usually situation bound.

d. Nonverbals primarily function as feedback.

e. All of these.

19. Which type of aid is the most concrete?

a. Telling.

b. Representational

c. Experiential.

d. Demonstrational.

e. Bar graphs.

20. Experiential aids involve:

a. demonstrations.

b. audience participation.

c. tree charts.

d. representations.

21. Graphs and charts are:

a. demonstrational aids.

b. experiential aids.

c. verbal symbol aids.

d. representational aids.

e. the most concrete aids.

22. If you were trying to show the coal reserves in the United States, which type of visual should you probably use?

a. Bar graph.

b. Pictogram.

c. Line graph.

d. Stream chart.

e. Tree chart.

23. Select your general function and level of visual aids in terms of your:

a. topic

b. specific purpose

c. occasion and physical arrangements

d. audience analysis

e. all of the above

24. A pictogram is a ___________.

a. graphic

b. document

c. topic

d. all of the above

e. none of the above

25. Visual aids help a speaker by:

1. clarifying a topic,

2. increasing interest,

3. ___________________ .

Bonus Questions:

26. Three functional levels of visual aids are:

1. ________________,

2. _________________,

3. _________________.

27. “Show and Tell” refers mostly to ________________________ aids.

28. Audience participation in a learning procedure may be described as using ____________ aids.

29. Standard graphics include:

1. ___________,

2. ___________,

3. ___________,

4. ___________.

30. In Lisa Nichols presentations she described 4 types of speakers. List AND describe each type.

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